Enhancing Tactical Flexibility

Repeater Station

The indispensable solution to range limitations and interoperability between radio network

Designed to fulfil Army’s operational requirements

Multiply the communication coverage of TRC5xxx handheld radios networks

Provide high flexibility on the move in hilly or mountainous terrains
Operates as a long-range relay to connect two remote networks
Man-portable (man-pack) with long battery autonomy
Avoid communication blockage due to LOS limitation by hills or others obstacles
Operates as cross-repeater or gateway to interconnect different networks (VHF-HF)
Easy and short time to install by one man
Ruggedised for extreme conditions
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All the essentials

Compatible accessories for Repeater Station


Rechargeable power unit designed for Repeater Station based on Polymer Lithium-ion Technology made for extreme conditions.

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Cables & Harnesses

High performance military and commercial grade for vehicles and secured communication systems.

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VHF Tactical Handheld Radio with Situational Awareness Capability

product by thales

HF TRC3700 Manpack

Tactical Advanced Multimode Manpack HF Radio

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