Enabling High Mobility Operations

Future Soldier System

Fully Integrated Infantryman Combat System

Revolutionising Soldier Modernisation Programme

Continuously monitor mission in real-time at tactical, operational and strategic level.

Every single soldier acts as a sensor and relays crucial information on the field operation straight back to Command and Control element. The integrated system is flexible and scalable to operational requirements.

Live Video Streaming
With H.264 Advanced Video Encoding
Voice Transmission
Over UHF Network
Network Architecture
Blue Force Tracking
For Local & Remote User
Data Transmission
Over 3G Gateway
Wireless PTT
For Quick Installation and Access
Made versatile for extreme conditions

Head Block


Head Block


Head Block

Head Mounted Display

Body Block

Personal Tactical Radio - Handheld

Body Block

3G Gateway

Body Block


Body Block

Main Energy

Body Block

Tactical Data Terminal

Body Block

Body Control Unit

Weapon Block

RCU (Control Unit)

Weapon Block

RCU (Wireless PTT)

All the essentials

Compatible accessories for Future Soldier System

Cables & Harnesses

High performance military and commercial grade for vehicles and secured communication systems.

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Ruggedised Tactical Data Terminal

Expand the versatility and situational awareness for network-centric capability.


VHF Tactical Handheld Radio with Situational Awareness Capability

product by thales

UHF St@rMille

An advanced soldier tactical radio and C4I for each soldier

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