Our Capabilities

Research and Development

We are vastly involved in the in-house design and development of our products, including the all new TRC5200
Design and Development based on system engineering
We have the best capabilities in Design and Development with technical knowledge in diverse areas of expertise
Hardware Design
Electronics, RF, Digital & Analog Design, Power electronics, PCB design)
Software Design
Embedded & Application software
Mechanical Design
Automatic Test Bench Design
System Integration
Rechargeable Battery Packs Design
Cable & Harness Design
for Communications & Power
Accessories Design
Repeater and Docking Station
Product Qualification (MIL-STD)
We have the capability & knowledge to perform Qualification of Products based on MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461.
Product Industrialisation
We turn our ideas into design and advance it into mass production
We are able to supply a wide range of customised components, from electrical modules to sub-assemblies or final assemblies or Test Benches that cater to the international military defense market requirement.
Our Research & Development services include:
We Design for Manufacturability (DFM) & Concurrent Engineering and industrialised real time-to-market product.
We perform Transfer of Production (TOP) engineering activity and produce data package for localisation.
We develop test strategy and test means for mass productions.
Technical Trainings
We share our products knowledge throughout technical training with our customers. We provide our customers technical trainings to provide first-hand experience.
System Installation
We have a dedicated team with good technical background in performing system installation in buildings, vehicles and platforms.
Design Proposals
We provide the best technical proposals and solutions based on our customer needs.

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