Our Capabilities

Integrated Logistics Support

We offer comprehensive Integrated Logistic support (ILS) for military equipment, manufacturing services and training
Over the years, STE has developed an outstanding competence in providing comprehensive Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for military equipments.
These services include:
Corrective Maintenance of Faulty Modules & Equipment
Calibration and Maintenance of Test Benches
Comprehensive Training of Military Personnel
Equipped with invaluable experiences and expertise
We are enabled to offer our customers as well as industrial partners, services for the development of automatic test benches for local maintenance workshop (at module or equipment level) as well as competitive training of military personnel.
Our Services

Manufacturing Services

STE’s proven capabilities in quality management, manufacturing and testing combined with our wide network of resources has enabled us to embark on many out-sourcing activities globally.
We are able to supply a wide range of customised components, from electrical modules to sub-assemblies or final assemblies or Test Benches that cater to the international military defense market requirement. Our Manufacturing Services include:
Mechanical Components and Assemblies
  • Precision metal parts, casted or machined with chemical treatment or painting in component or sub-assembly forms.
  • Precision metal stamping parts in component or sub-assemblies.
  • Customised plastic, composite plastics and rubber parts.
  • Customised military carrying bags and harnesses.
Electronic Modules and Sub-Assemblies
  • PCB Assemblies with integrated testing,
  • Electronic Modules with mechanical parts (Casing, Connectors, Cables, etc),
  • Electronic / Radio Box-Built Assemblies.
Military Cable Assemblies and Harness
  • Power cables.
  • RF and Audio Cables.
Test Benches
  • Semi-Automatic Test Benches for Modules Testing.
  • Semi-Automatic Test Benches for Radios Testing.
Our Services


We provide customers with appropriate advice by our product specialists that are consistent with users’ on-the-field requirement as well as fulfil the training needs of an organisation through synergistic partnerships.
Our comprehensive training areas include: Operator Level, Administrator Level, Operation, System Integration, and Operational or Intermediate Maintenance.

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